Extra Virgin :: How Your View of God Influences Your View of Sex

For centuries, Christians have spoken about sex in a derogatory tone, presumably to discourage ungodly sexual practices, but this has tainted our view of sex so much that it’s hard to imagine sex as a holy and godly part of any Christian’s life. Long after getting married, many Christian men and women are racked with guilt anytime they have sex with their spouses.

However, I just came across this quote by Gary Thomas in which he confesses the far-reaching consequences of this twisted view of sexuality ::

It took me awhile to realize how I was inadvertently insulting God by my hesitation to accept the holiness of sex and pleasure. I don’t have any problem imagining someone seeking God by enduring the pain of a fast. But what kind of God am I imagining if I can allow pain but not pleasure to reveal God’s presence my life? Instead of being suspicious of pleasure and the physical and spiritual intimacy that comes from being with my wife, I need to adopt an attitude of profound gratefulness and awe.

If you can’t imagine God’s blessing over your own pleasing and satisfying sex life, then if could be that you have a skewed view of God. In the book of John, only seven miracles of Jesus are recorded, each one meticulously chosen to show us something about the kingdom of God. The very first miracle that Jesus performs on earth is to change water into wine at a wedding feast. Jesus is showing us that the kingdom of God is a celebration! Jesus came to bring joy and laughter and an overwhelming sense of his abundance towards us. This is the God you worship, both in your spirit and in your body.

Many people have experienced great healing in their relationship with God when they are able to take part in healthy, marital sex. When you go into sex knowing that God created and blesses it, each time you experience pleasure, joy, laughter and awe, you receive it as a gift from God. Sex becomes not only a place to find intimacy with your husband, but also a place to find intimacy with God. Begin to believe in a God whose presence brings pleasure to your life!

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Posted by Aanna on Monday, November 16th, 2015

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