Extra Virgin :: I'm curious...

So, I’m curious about something. When you were young, what were you taught to call your vagina and vulva? The other night, a group of my friends were hanging out and we got on the topic. I’m telling you, we couldn’t stop laughing about the crazy things we were taught to say. Here’s the list:

  • Girl parts
  • Privates
  • Private parts
  • Front bottom
  • Teetee
  • Peaches
  • Poopie
  • Yaya

Only two of my friends were taught to say vagina. I’m still laughing/shaking my head/horrified. One of my friends actually said, “We never said vagina. It’d be considered a dirty word!”

In our mother’s defense, though, it’s pretty hard to sit your little girl down on your knee and say, “Can you say thumb? Can you say ear? Can you say vagina?” And when we were all growing up, it was considered uncouth to say the word in public. Even though I’ve taught Valentine to say vagina and vulva, this has brought about some terribly embarrassing moments. Once, at an art museum, Valentine just started saying, “‘giiiiiiiiina?!?!” really loud every time we saw a naked sculpture (which was often). I honestly hadn’t even used the word very much until Valentine was born and I wanted her to know and understand her body.

So, now…comment if you dare! What were you taught? What do you call it now? Do/will you pass on the cute euphemisms to your daughters or do you teach proper names? Why or why not?

(Photo by the Parsons)

Posted by Aanna on Monday, October 12th, 2015

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