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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve been thinking about lingerie. So, you married ladies, do you wear it? Is it more for your husband or for yourself? I’ve long been a fan of traditional lingerie (the first time I tried on a chemise from Victoria Secret I said, out loud, “I feel like a fairy princess!”) but I’m starting to think that the lacy, strappy numbers you find in the lingerie department are kind of limiting. There are so many different kinds of things that a husband or wife may find “sexy” or attractive, and many of them have nothing to do with the images we inundated with from Victoria Secret and the like. Here are some ideas ::

It’s an indisputable fact that a man’s dress shirt is irresistibly sexy. Snag one of your husband’s shirts and pair it with some lacy undies.

A flowy miniskirt is unexpected and cute, especially when worn with something like this (and nothing underneath!).

Steal one of your husband’s favorite t-shirts and wear it with some knee socks. Boom chicka!

Comfy, cozy and oh so huggable. These are perhaps the only sweats your husband will ever be glad you reach for.

I’m beginning to suspect that fragrance is the best and most important thing you can wear. One bottle of perfume is worth 100 garter-and-lace ensembles.

Don’t forget your husband! Think of what you’d like to see your husband wearing and give him/yourself a gift this Valentine’s Day. :)

What about you? What’s your opinion on lingerie? Like it? Forget about it in the back of your closet? Do you like something more traditional or prefer to get a little creative with what you wear in the bedroom? Spill the beans!

Posted by Aanna on Monday, February 1st, 2016

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