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Every woman is keenly aware of the fact that her body is on a cycle. It does the same thing, month after month, with almost no way of stopping it. I remember the day I got my period for the first time, looking in the mirror at my own reflection and thinking,”This is my life now? One fourth of my life is going to be like this?”

But the truth is that my young self was wrong. It’s not one fourth of my life that is set on a rhythm. It’s always on a rhythm and there are always signs to be observed to tell me what is happening, besides just the week that I’m bleeding. Every month (or shorter or longer, depending on who you are) your body is prepping eggs in your ovaries, then it produces one egg (occasionally two) and sends it out, where it dies and your uterus sheds its lining, causing your period. (The only time this doesn’t happen is when the egg meets with a sperm and implants to get you pregnant.) Once your period is over, it all starts again…prepping eggs, sending one egg out, egg dies, uterus sheds its lining…

One day while on a walk, I realized that what my body goes through each month is a lot like the seasons that our world undergoes each year. It even feels like spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring is the time before ovulation when your body “grows” the eggs, summer is ovulation, when one egg bursts from your ovary, full of life. Autumn is your period, shedding the old lining of your uterus like colorful leaves, and winter is the dry time after your period when your body rests before doing it all over again.

It made me feel like my body is so strong, going through these huge changes so often, carrying them out in a way that’s invisible to most, but observable to myself. We all do this, still walking around, laughing, talking, working and playing, but carrying within us the mechanism of life itself. I mean, how awesome is it that our bodies are always ready to create life?

For some women, this can be an arduous process each month, requiring extra time of rest or days of pain and discomfort. For others, they hardly bat an eye it’s all so easy. But it’s all for such an amazing reason—the ability to create and nurture life within our very body. It almost sounds like science fiction! But God made us so intricately, so perfectly, so purposefully, that when we really see how it all works together, it seems more like a miracle than a machine. More supernatural than physical. But it’s our body. Our Plain Jane, so-very-familiar body. The least we can do is understand it, appreciate it and care for it, so that we can worship God for it and with it.

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Posted by Aanna on Monday, March 23rd, 2015

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