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In the next several weeks, I’d like to spend some time talking about the way technology influences our sexuality. While we all definitely have some strong opinions about the topic, I’d like this to be more of a discussion. This is such a new and evolving issue and I’m interested to hear your thoughts on it and how technology may have affected you or those around you. In each post, I’ll pose a question and then wait to hear from you in the comments.

Last year a friend of mine sent me a link to a blog post that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. In the article “Sex on the Silver Screen,” the author Tim Challies says,

What we see on the screen is both fact and fiction…What we watch is a fictional story, but one that has been acted out in real ways by real people…The reason sex scenes look real is that to a large degree they are real. Those are not fake breasts you see, the actors are not exchanging fake kisses or fake caresses, she is not pretending to straddle him.

He goes on to present the argument that if you were to find it unthinkable to send your spouse off to work as an actor to perform sexual acts with another woman, and if God commands us to “love your neighbor as yourself,” then you should refuse to watch sex scenes or nudity of any kind because “to refuse to see such things is simply loving your neighbor as yourself, loving the [actor] as you love your [husband].”

So here’s my question ::

If you were married to an actor, would you be comfortable with him acting in sex scenes with another actress? Why or why not?


P.S. Technology and Sex

Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

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