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Last week I published a survey asking you all kinds of questions about condoms: do you use them? why do you use them? how do you like them? Lots of people participated in the survey and here are the *sometimes surprising* results ::

First up, we find out how many people are actually using condoms. Honestly, I was surprised to find that nearly half of all participants never use them! Of course, this instantly got me wondering what kind of birth control they are using (if any) but that’s another survey for another time. :)

Second question asked why people use condoms. I must note that 39% of participants skipped this question, presumably because they never use condoms. Some reasons people gave in the “Other” category were: for pleasure, out of curiosity, after a vasectomy, and because the birth control pill had negative side effects.

This was the answer that was least surprising to me. A whopping 74% hate the experience of using condoms or consider them a necessary evil, while 24% of participants enjoy the experience.

Some interesting comments that participants left ::

I don’t want to take birth control because I don’t like that it’s doing something to your body that God did not intend. I think when we “adjust” our bodies in this way we open ourselves up to health issues. Anyway, we have four kids already so having more isn’t an option at this time. We can not get pregnant therefore the use of condoms is very necessary. (Vasectomy is on the not so distant horizon). Depending on where I am in my cycle and if I know I’m not ovulating we will have intercourse without a condom for a bit and then put one on towards the end. The condom can slow things down a bit and isn’t as pleasurable for either of us unfortunately. It’s a necessary evil, but definitely not all bad. We still have an enjoyable and healthy sex life.

We used them for 20 years. It was fine. We still had great sex. It wasn’t as great as it is now post-hysterectomy, but it makes us all the more thankful now when we don’t have to reach for one!!! And of course my husband LOVES it without!

We don’t use them for the entire experience. usually there’s lots of foreplay without them. My husband is good at slipping it on with minimal interruption to the flow. It can help him last longer too as it helps desensitize a bit but he still gets his earlier dose of au naturel.

We don’t like that both of us lose a lot of feeling and intimacy with condoms. For that reason we chose diaphragm with spermicide for several years until I decided to learn to chart using the sympto-thermal method. We haven’t used condoms in years and probably never will again!

We use birth control pills, but we have them just in case. We’ve never used them, but we’ve talked about trying it once just in case if we ever actually need to do we know what we’re doing!!

They gave me 3 surprise babies!

We find if we put them on in the beginning everything is still just as fun! And birth control messes with my system. I think condoms are a safe/nontoxic form of birth control.

Here are some facts about condoms ::

  • The earliest known illustration of a man using a condom during sex is 12,000-15,000 years old! (source)
  • If used correctly every time, condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. However, since people aren’t perfect, in real life condoms are about 85% effective. (source)
  • In a…well-controlled randomized clinical trial of monogamous couples using latex male condoms for contraception over six months, the pregnancy rate during “typical use” was reported at 6.3%, with a 1.1% pregnancy rate during “consistent use.” (source)
  • “One analyst described the size of the condom market as something that ‘boggles the mind’.” (source) A recent report predicts the worldwide condom market to reach $9.6 billion by 2021. (source)

So…what do you think? Did any of the survey results surprise you? The issue of whether or not to use birth control or what kind to use are such serious and personal questions for every couple! It was interesting to find out what some of you have done. Thank you so much for participating!

Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

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