Extra Virgin :: What's Your Baggage?

Several weeks ago, I saw this clip from Girls and keep thinking about it. The show is often equal parts hilarious, horrifying and thought-provoking, and this clip is no different ::

So, every person (male and female!) has baggage and we bring that into our life and into our relationships. But I’ve started to wonder if we even know what our “biggest baggage” is. An article’s title recently caught my eye: “Why You Can’t See Your Biggest Flaws”. In it, Tim Keller points out that your worst character flaws are the ones you can see the least.

By definition the sins to which you are most blind, that you make the most excuses for, and that you usually minimize—are the ones that most have you in their grip. One way we hide our blemishes is that we look at places that our natural temperament resembles spiritual fruit. For example, a natural aptitude for control and self-discipline can be read as faithfulness, and a natural desire for personal approval could look like gentleness or love. Or we mistake a bubbly, sanguine temperament for joy, and a laid-back, phlegmatic temperament for peace. We give ourselves spiritual credit for these things, when actually we aren’t growing spiritually at all. The lack of other fruit shows that real supernatural character change is not happening.

After reading through a book like Rising Strong, you may be more aware than ever of your own baggage. But it’s actually a blessing to know what your greatest weaknesses are, both to keep you humble and non-judgmental, but also so that you can ask God to help you in that area and focus attention on changing that sinful or negative behavior.

So, what would your baggage be? Small, medium or large? Do you think you’re well aware of your greatest weaknesses or is this a possible blind spot for you?

(Photo of Winona Ryder found here, clip from Girls: Season 1)

Posted by Aanna on Monday, March 28th, 2016

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