Fall Wardrobe

I’ve blogged about how I plan Valentine’s wardrobe each season, creating a color palette and relying heavily on basics, but it occurred to me that I want to do something similar for myself. I don’t buy new clothes each season (at least I hope I won’t start growing out of my clothes regularly the way Valentine does…) but I think it will help me a lot if I always have a color palette I stick to and I only buy classic pieces that will both look good together and stand the test of time. As I’ve gotten older, my style has become more pronounced, so I feel like my current wardrobe isn’t as schizophrenic as it’s been in the past, but there still needs to be a little tweaking before I have a good capsule wardrobe going. I decided to put together a list of items that I would ideally like to find in my closet so that when I save up some money, I’ll be spending it on the right items ::  

This sweater is made from superfine Italian Merino wool, so it would feel silky soft and warm, and yet it’s thin enough for a flattering silhouette. Because it’s made by Everlane, the price tag is reasonable, but it would be the kind of classic piece you could hand to your daughter one day if you took care of it properly. (Which, incidentally, wouldn’t be that hard, because it doesn’t require dry-cleaning. Woohoo!) I love the femininity of the cut and also the beautiful rose color. 

The next pair of jeans I buy will be high-waisted (or possibly mid-rise) skinnies. The whole fashion world is so over low-cut jeans and I’m elated. It’s maddening to see women with active lifestyles forever having to check whether they’re showing their butt-crack when they bend over. Plus, high-rise is ever so much kinder on the rear-view. Let’s dress like women again!

I like these earrings because they feel both glamorous and care-free and just a bit edgy. I’m not a big jewelry person and find myself getting self-conscious if I ever wear statement pieces. But sometimes earrings can dress up an outfit in just the right way - I need something like this for a wedding, for example.

The design of this shoe makes me swoon every time I see it. They belong on a European women with a devil-may-care attitude. Plus, they would be so versatile! Skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, you name it… This style is sold out but you can find a similar shoe here.

You can’t get more classic than a trench. I don’t know if there’s ever been a time when a woman wouldn’t be found presentable (and warm) in this timeless piece. Adelaide’s just listed a vintage trench that I’m positively goo-goo about.

Do you wear stacking rings? I adore the look of them, but realized that I have yet to own a set. They’re extremely cheap on Etsy, made with all kinds of metals and designs. 

I prefer comfort to a fault, so I’m all about this drop-waist. And the buffalo check print is so cute! This dress would still be warm during the cold winter months when paired with some thick tights and a sweater.

A tunic-length cardigan is a staple of winter wear and I like this sweater because it’s neutral enough to wear with everything, but the marled-knit makes it interesting.

I’m on the lookout for some low-heeled booties and these are at the top of my list. I’m still interested in finding something with a bit more quality (real leather would be nice), so if you know of anything, let me know!

I love the barely-there quality of this Clinique lipstick and I’m guessing the color would be good with my skin-tone. I don’t wear much makeup, but this might be a good addition to my limited repertoire. 

I travel fairly often (to exotic locations like Des Moines, Iowa and Memphis, TN) and I find myself wishing for something a bit more sophisticated every time I pack my clothes in the Nike gym bag I’ve had since high school. My birthday is in November and this is the only item on my wish-list (oh, this and a complete kitchen renovation…a girl can hope ;).

What do you think? What basics do you rely upon? What basics are on your wish list? Any suggestions for a good capsule wardrobe? Do you find a minimalistic closet to be constricting? What does your fall uniform look like?

(Photo of Peggy Lipton from Mod Squad)

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

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