Family Pictures

Our friend Sarah Neely and her husband MD came over last month to take pictures of us in the hazy newborn stage. Even though Llewelyn’s features hadn’t quite set in and I still had pregnancy weight and our lives were so chaotic that I didn’t even find time to bath Valentine before the shoot (true story), I wanted desperately to capture this exact moment in our lives.

Sarah listened carefully to what I hoped to get out of the shoot and also had the best suggestions for how to incorporate our personalities and our home into the pictures. Nearly all of us feel uncomfortable in front of the camera (doesn’t everyone on some level?) but she had such a calm and capable vibe that we were all able to just follow her lead and trust her directions.

When she sent me the photos, I just wanted to cry at how beautifully they turned out. She captured expressions on Valentine’s face that I see a hundred times a day. There’s a picture of Logan that makes my stomach do flip-flops like when I first met him. Even though Llewelyn wouldn’t let us take the pacifier out of her mouth without crying, there are somehow pictures of her not crying. (Seriously, Sarah…how did you do this?) There’s one picture of me holding Llewelyn and when I saw it, I turned to Logan and said, “I like this picture of me.” What a gift.

I specifically asked Sarah to take family portraits—the kind of picture that you can give to grandparents and put on a Christmas card—but I ended up loving the detail shots the most. It felt like a gift to see our little family from the outside, like a quiet onlooker of a private evening in our backyard.

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

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