Favorite Coffee Mugs

The perfect coffee mug is an important possession. The feel of the warm, rounded edges in your cupped hand can be part of an ideal morning. Whether it’s for myself, Logan or a friend, I think it’s fun to shop for a mug that embodies a person’s personality. Here are some of my favorite mugs out there right now ::

The new Dapper Animal Mugs at West Elm are hilarious, but that gold rim adds an unexpected note of sophistication.

A beautiful vintage set is a powerhouse in the kitchen, making a simple chat with friends into something special.

Making a coffee mug (or rather, decorating one) is simple, affordable, and can be such a thoughtful gift. I recently tried my hand at these watercolor mugs and the result was shockingly beautiful.

This vintage, hand-painted mug is gorgeous and striking and so very womanly. I can even see it with a bouquet of wild roses spilling over the top. I would love to get something like this for my mother.

I love the imperfections of this classic mug from Anthropologie. The lilt of the rim is so pretty.

One of my favorite artists right now, Brit McDaniel of Paper & Clay makes the most amazing pottery out of her studio in Memphis. This, to me, is the ultimate coffee mug.

What about you? Which one is your favorite? Where did you find your perfect coffee mug? Any other favorites out there? Do you like to give mugs as gifts or is that just too cliche? :)

(Top image via Neest)

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

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