Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Just a few weeks ago, I was writing and suddenly sensed that Valentine had grown quiet at her toys. I jumped up and literally ran to the bathroom just in time to see Valentine disappear, head first, into the bathtub. Leaping, I caught her by the legs before she ever touched the bottom and as I swung her up into my arms, she just stared at me with the biggest eyes, like, “What the cuss just happened?” But I sort of startled myself, because I didn’t know why I just suddenly knew she was in danger or even that she was in the bathroom. It’s like my body just went there. Oh, moms…

So anyway, tonight when I watched the Super Bowl (and by watch I mean put down my book during the commercials), I just loved Hyundai’s commercial “Dad’s Sixth Sense” ::

Isn’t that so funny and so true? Commercials are such an art form these days. What about you? Did you watch the game? The commercials? :) How was your Sunday night?

Posted by Aanna on Monday, February 3rd, 2014

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