Favorites :: August

Guys! August was amazing! And it went by so quickly! (I think this may be the dominant thought in any old person’s life—”time is going by so quickly!”) Did everyone watch the eclipse? Joplin was 90% of totality and somewhere in my mind I assumed that this meant the eclipse would be 90% as awesome as in the Path of Totality. After talking to people who saw the total eclipse, I have to say that I regret not taking the day off with my family and driving the couple of hours to Totality. (What IS that word? Something from a sci-fi movie..or the name of a Crossfit workout. Whatev.) But even in Joplin it was an amazing sight, and Logan and I had so much fun watching it together and messing with the shadows.

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Have a good Labor Day! xoxo, Aanna

(Photo by Paul Rysz)

Posted by Aanna on Friday, September 1st, 2017

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