Four Things That Encouraged My Faith

“Idolatry is foundational to what is wrong with the human race (Romans 1:21-25). Anything that is functionally more important to you than God is an idol. Anything you love more than God—even a good thing like a spouse or child or social cause—is a false god. Because we love them too much, we are wracked with uncontrollable fears and anger when they are threatened and inconsolable despair when we lose them. Until you can identify your idols you cannot understand yourself. Until you turn from them you can’t know and walk with God.” —Tim Keller, The Songs of Jesus

This is a beautiful song I’ve listened to on repeat for the last several months. I especially love the line, “We wear your grace like skin.” Isn’t that so true? Reminds me of this verse.

The other night I went outside at twilight and sat on the patio as the sun set. Suddenly, a sparkle of light pierced the darkness, then another and another. The fireflies lit up the whole backyard and for some reason it was like seeing them for the very first time. It felt magical and mysterious, and I felt pierced by the sheer beauty of it. This world was truly created in love.

I was so moved by this composer’s words. He’s talking about music, but really it’s a message about vocation and the manner in which you live your life before God. It was such a good heart check for me, especially in terms of my writing and motherhood.

(Top photo by Annie Spratt)

Posted by Aanna on Friday, July 14th, 2017

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