Good News!

There’s a big, gorgeous sale at Terrain right now!!! I find the company’s aesthetic so inspiring, but the prices are usually completely out of reach. This sale has their keepsake-worthy products at affordable prices and I thought I’d share some of the pieces I’m eyeing ::

This fern circlet is classic and beautifully crafted. I’m not one for seasonal decor, but this would be just the perfect thing to grace your door as we step from summer into fall.

The Kinfolk cookbook. Oh my goodness. Part coffee-table book, part page-turner, part eye candy, part legitimate cookbook, this is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves to make or eat food. 

This heirloom vegetable seed collection is both gorgeous and useful, and think of all the jewels that would be popping up in your garden this time next year!

There is never a time when a basket isn’t useful around the house. I can image a few of these lined up beneath a bench to store shoes and blankets and bags beside the front door.

This cappuccino cup was handcrafted in South Africa and it’s a thing of beauty. What a wonderful gift for a mother or friend! It would make every afternoon tea a perfect moment. :)

What about you? Did anything else on the sale “rack” catch your eye? Where do you like to shop for your garden and home goods?

Posted by Aanna on Thursday, August 28th, 2014

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