Hand Lettering Co.

I’ve recently discovered the beautiful designs of Hand Lettering Co. The company consists of three artists whose goal is to spread “the Word of God and its Truth through good design and original art”. Their work is most striking because of their choice of content; the Scripture and truth they present is most often doctrinal more than devotional. I love this because often I need to be reminded of the basic truths of Scripture more than a pithy saying to get through the day. I also appreciate that these men are finding ways to glorify God and encourage others through their art.

On their website they have an entire page dedicated to art that they’ve made available as free downloads for wallpaper on your computer or phone. Isn’t that kind? 

You can see more beautiful hand lettering on their website and hear more about their mission here. What designs are your favorite? 

Posted by Aanna on Friday, September 26th, 2014

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