Hello Again!

I’m back in the land of the internet-living after a month long break from social media. It was a wonderful break, and I can’t wait to share about my experience, but I’m also so glad to be “back” and to get to see all your pictures and posts and read some of the details of the last month that I had missed.

I was so pleased that my husband Logan agreed to guest post on the blog last month. He’s one of my favorite writers and I especially loved his two part series 3 Things Women Do That Men Hate and 4 Things Men Love About Women. The posts were eye-opening and affirming and I can’t wait to respond to some of his observations and hear more from you about what you thought. Also, don’t you think we should do our own poll about what women love and hate about men? :)

Thanks to all of you who sent me encouraging messages during my fast and to those of you who called or planned fun things for us to do together. I’m more thankful than ever that God has surrounded me with such generous and kind people.

Also, “techmologies” :)

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Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

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