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Today I thought I’d give you a tour of our new home! (Please excuse the boxes and the messes…I always take my sweet time to set up a house and I didn’t want to wait until everything was “just so” before showing you some pictures.) The picture above is of us on the day we closed on the house. You can practically see the glow on our faces. :)

This was a shot I took of the house weeks before we bought it, on one of my creepy drives past it. I snapped this picture to send to Logan to prove that it was the house of our dreams. Even though the picture’s not great, it gives a good sense of the house and of the cute little barn in the back. 

The backyard is one of my favorite things about the house. It has this fantastic patio with a tree growing up through the middle of it (on purpose :). 

The yard is fenced in, which was incredibly important to us. We knew it would be hard to enjoy the backyard if we didn’t feel certain Valentine and Mabel were safe back there.

Also, you should know, our tree has a face. And it’s sad.  

Here’s a better picture of that barn. I think it’s perfectly rustic and whimsical and I can’t wait to clean it all up. My sister has already suggested hosting dinner parties in there. Can’t you imagine hanging up some twinkle lights and piling all kinds of friends around a table with a big pot pie?

Here’s the angle right when you walk in the front door. The door opens up to the living room, with a big staircase on your left. From this viewpoint, you can see the kitchen through the doorway on the left and the dining room to the right. And just in case you were wondering, that’s wallpaper on the wall in between. (It’s not terrible, it’s just…oh, I don’t know…)

The living room, with the world’s best windows and the world’s worst fan. And check out those four bench chairs on the far wall. They had been left at The Bridge for over a year and the new owners of The Bridge gifted them to Logan. I think we’ll have to take them off that base and put them on individual bases, but they are so wonderful I can hardly stand it!

Another angle of the living room. The sellers of the house left a bunch of the furniture, rugs, and window coverings, so our house is kind of a mishmash of stuff. I think they painted the walls such a lovely gray/taupey color. It looks good with everything.

Here’s the dining room. In the mornings, squirrels and cardinals play in the branches just outside the window. I think the glare from the sunrise keeps them from seeing us through the windows, so we can watch them to our hearts’ content.

I’m obsessed with the fact that I have a white sink under a white window overlooking the backyard. I’d do the dishes every hour just to stand in that magical spot.

There are plenty of cupboards, newish appliances and a little built-in desk to the right of this picture. I also love being able to see into the dining room, which will be so fun for entertaining, and also makes breakfasts with Valentine a lot easier.

This hallway off the kitchen leads to two bedrooms, a bathroom, the pantry and a utility closet. I know, I know…this is sooooo boring…

We decided to turn the biggest bedroom into a sort of family room where we keep the TV and the books. We did this for a number of reasons :

  • No TV in the living room
  • Two living spaces
  • There are so many times when one of us is leading a small group or meeting with a friend and it’s nice to be able to go to a room, close the door, and let the other spouse still have use of the house. It’s a very cozy, private space, perfect for conversations of the heart. :)

Our bookcases look smashing on either side of the window, don’t you think? :)

Our guest bedroom/kid’s room/storage room is having a serious identity crisis. I’m going to feel like such a heathen when I paint over that hand-painted mural.

The guest bath in all of its beige glory.

This is one of two bedrooms upstairs that we’ve turned into our master bedroom. I love the cozy, slanted attic ceiling and the gorgeous morning light that comes through those two windows.

This room has a little nook off one corner that will be ideal for our desks. I think there’s all kinds of potential for inspiration in that corner.

Our upstairs bath, which has the teensiest shower and a fantastic laundry room attached. More and more, I’m glad we decided to sleep in the bedrooms upstairs. It’s our own, private space and it just feels more relaxed, somehow.

Valentine’s room is (with the exception of the office nook) a mirror image of our master bedroom. At first it felt too big for her, but now I like that there’s plenty of room for her bed, a reading chair, and her toys. At this point, I’ve already painted over those colorful bubbles and my next project is to completely childproof the whole space.

When our realtor asked us for a list of things we wanted in a home, this is what it looked like :

  • Lots of light
  • A feeling of openness or spaciousness
  • Fenced in backyard
  • Two living spaces
  • 3-4 bedrooms
  • A house with character, but in good repair (we didn’t even know if this was possible)
  • In a certain neighborhood, close to the church and the center of town

It feels kind of surreal to get everything on our list. We love this charming, happy, practical home and can’t thank God enough for it! Even as “the glow” wears off, I feel a more settled, deep-seated appreciation for this home. It meets so many of our needs as a family and as individuals.

I also love that, for the most part, nothing is horrendous or aggravating and we can take our time making the changes that will make it more our style. (I’m itching to paint every square inch a brilliant white. :)

Wish you could all come over for a real visit sometime soon! I’d put the kettle on and we’d sit out on the patio and admire the pretty spring blossoms on Mr. Grumpy Tree. 

Love, Aanna

Posted by Aanna on Friday, April 4th, 2014

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