How to dry your underwear

I’ve always just washed and dried my intimates along with the rest of my clothes, but one day I walked into a friend’s kitchen and saw all her panties hanging on a drying rack. She discreetly moved the rack into a closet, but I was left thinking, “Does everyone air dry their underwear???“ 

I actually completely forgot about it until last year when the only thing on my birthday wish list was PRETTY UNDERWEAR. I got my wish and suddenly had enough lacy things for every day of the week. But then, after a few months, I saw tiny holes in the lovely, delicate lace. It seemed that they were already falling apart! Frustrated, I assumed that they were just bad quality until I remembered my friend’s laundering habits.

After a quick bit of research I found that drying underwear will drastically harm the fabric, lace and elastic found on the delicate lingerie. The best way to care for our intimates is to do just what my friend did and hang them on a drying rack after they come out of the wash. 

Some experts recommend a gentle detergent like Dreft or Woolite, while some even say to only hand wash them! However, most experts agree than you can wash your panties along with the rest of your clothes. 

What about you? Did you know you’re supposed to hang your panties on a line? Do you still just dry them anyway? Any other good laundering tips of which I’ve been so blissfully unaware? 

(Photo via a room with a view)

Posted by Aanna on Monday, June 10th, 2013

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