How To Get Rid of Every Stain

Laundry is definitely my favorite chore (warm towels, delicious smelling sheets, crisp shirts) but I’ve always struggled with actually getting out those tough stains. Do I use bleach? Oxyclean? Generic stain stick? Well, when I saw this video from The Laundress, I couldn’t help but be impressed and relieved that such a simple solution was in existence ::

For even tougher stains, they created a combo with a bleach alternative, the stain solution and a stain brush.

In all actuality, I just love the beauty and elegance of these products. There’s something beguiling about a company with such a passion for laundry, of all things. It sort of gets me in the mood to actually tackle that huge stinky pile of clothes leftover from the weekend.

Anyone else out there love to do laundry? Anybody just really good at it? What stain solutions have you found? What products and techniques really work? Do you use a stain brush?

(Top photo via Belle Histoire)

Posted by Aanna on Friday, June 26th, 2015

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