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One of my major motivations for starting the AG Book Club was to read more this year. However, I realized that it’s harder than I thought to just “read more books”. Where do I find the money to buy more books? Why is the library waiting list so annoying and slow? How do I find time to read more? When is the best time to read? What should I cut out of my life so that I can add more reading?

Then I came across this helpful article by Erik Raymond on how to read more books. There are several practical ways to motivate yourself and to find the time to read. One of my favorite suggestions was this ::

I schedule time for reading. Most of the time it is early in the morning and/or over the lunch hour. I rarely read in the evenings or on my days off when I am home with my kids. If you block out 45 minutes a day to read and you read 20 pages (this is an average reading speed) then you will read 600 pages a month! That’s about 3-4 books per month, and nearly 50 per year! Think about that. But, if you don’t guard this time and you do something else during that time (fill in the blank) then you will miss being shaped by these books. I try to guard my reading time with a tempered reasonableness. It’s not so important that it cannot be replaced but it cannot be replaced flippantly or easily.

Isn’t it crazy that only 45 minutes a day translates to 50 books a year? But I could immediately see the importance of guarding that 45 minutes a day…At book club last month I asked the other women how they find time to read and they said something similar. One woman sets aside one hour every afternoon when she tells her children to play quietly so she can read. Another woman reads on the weekends when she has extra time. These ideas were extremely helpful to me, because if I continue to let housework, writing and the internet crowd out my day, I’ll never read!

What are your thoughts? How do you make time to read? How do you motivate yourself to read? What are some other good tips to read more books?

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Posted by Aanna on Friday, July 17th, 2015

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