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I very deliberately keep a positive tone here on the blog, mostly just talking about how God wants us to live out our sexuality and giving practical ways to do this. But not for one moment have I ever believed that there isn’t plenty to be negative about. To be honest, the dark side of sexuality is the reason I wrote this book.

So many women live in ignorance about their bodies, sex and or the fact that they have ownership of their sexuality.

Many married women experience very little pleasure during sex. It’s as though couples think that sex is a man and a woman getting it on until a man orgasms. What a colossal injustice.

My heart burned with anger and grief as I spent hours scrolling through the #MeToo posts this past month. I wrote a post. Deleted it. Wrote it again. Revised it. Deleted it. Nothing I could say would change all the evil misuse of physical power and social authority that men have enacted upon women throughout history. I held my grief up to God, as every other avenue has utterly failed to set this right.

Scripture tells us that sex and marriage is meant to tell us something about Jesus’ relationship to the church. But Christians tell lies about him all the time. They fornicate—saying that Jesus isn’t committed. They masturbate—saying that Jesus is selfish. They have homosexual relationships—saying that God does not delight in diversity. They commit adultery—saying that Jesus isn’t faithful. They carry on in marriages that are selfish, sexless and antagonistic—saying that a relationship with Jesus is harmful, joyless and chaotic. To a watching world Christians tell lies about Jesus, the only truly beautiful and good thing in the universe.

Women and men with multiple sexual partners or pornography addictions are led to believe that their sin is too much for Jesus, that they don’t belong within the doors of God’s house. What?! Are we crazy? How could this happen? Jesus’ love for sinners and his provision for their sin far exceeds anything we could ever do. His grace is enough. His love covers us. His blood ransoms our souls.

We, as Christians, have to change. We must do it for our own sakes, for the sake of other Christians that we should be helping, for the sake of unbelievers who need an accurate picture of God, and for the sake of our loving, good, faithful Father who has told us to do life a certain way. When we obey him, we not only give him glory but also step into the best possible life for ourselves and for humanity.

I’ve been writing about sexuality here on the blog for several years. I know that people are reading. I see my blog stats and I get emails and letters from women saying that these posts have meant something to them.

Until now, I rarely have people comment on my blog or share my posts. I understand this—sex is such a private topic and is too personal to be discussed on social media. However, I’m asking you to make an exception, just this once.

If the Extra Virgin posts have been a blessing to you at all…if you’ve read Darling and been helped by it…if you want to start a conversation about godly sexuality and change the cultural tide in our church…

Then please share about Darling. Tell your friends about it. Post about it on social media. Buy copies and give them to friends. Not because I want to make money or become famous or anything as utterly worthless as that. But because I am attempting to stand with those who are helping to make a change for the better and I’m asking my dear friends to please stand beside me and help, too.

Tomorrow Darling will be for sale at Let’s use this book to do some good.

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

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