Kansas City Getaway


a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.

After church on Sunday, Logan and I left Valentine with a sitter/friend and took off for Kansas City. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in December and instead of a big trip, we decided to have a “year of dates”. This was a trip we’d been looking forward to for awhile and it felt so fun to sneak away on a Sunday afternoon, right when we’d normally have to start getting ready for the beginning of the week.

On the drive up to Kansas City, we took a look at all the podcast recommendations I got on Twitter and picked a few. We found one that was laugh-out-loud funny, but most of the time we just talked, catching up on all that loose change information that jingles around in the corners of your mind, forgotten until you have the time and space to share it.

Based on a recommendation from a friend, we booked reservations at Hotel Phillips, a historic hotel in the Power and Lights District of Kansas City. The hotel was startlingly beautiful, with gorgeous Art Deco chandeliers and sculptures and dark wood paneling on every surface.

We loved the small corner room we were given, with beautiful views of downtown Kansas City. Logan and I have found that our favorite vacations have very little to do, and lots of time for rest, conversation and flexibility. We spent a lot of time in our room, just hanging out and reading, watching TV and talking.

I told Logan my one dream for the weekend was to sleep in. :) Even though I wasn’t able to sleep in much, I had a delightfully quiet morning bath with sunlight streaming in the window. After spending an ungodly amount of time doing my hair and makeup, I got back in bed and read until checkout time.

Logan’s dream for the weekend was two-fold :: Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D and Inside Out on AMC Prime. (Actually, I’m hopelessly in love with watching movies in the theater, so I thought this was wonderful.) Jurassic Park was so exciting and fun, and I spent most of Inside Out weeping because it’s so perfect.

Another part of the trip was lots of delicious food and drinks. The pinnacle was a stop at our favorite, Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. (As Anthony Bourdain says, “It’s the best BBQ in Kansas City, which makes it the best BBQ in the world.”) Our favorite is the Z-Man, a sandwich with beef brisket, provolone cheese, onion rings and Joe’s famous sauce. It’s unbelievably delicious, but so is just about everything on the menu. Full to bursting, we headed home.

There were so many times during the getaway that I thought of the word “respite”, and how important it is to go away, whatever that means, and to give yourself another perspective. As self-indulgent as it feels, I’m learning that it’s actually an important, perhaps imperative, part of staying healthy and happy and holy.

Thanks for reading!

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

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