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:: After a long week of travel, I’ve decided to continue French Women Week, where all we are talking about is skin care and lingerie, the two things French women spend all their money on ::

Ok, so we’ve been talking about lingerie for the past two weeks, but we haven’t yet talked about lingerie. You know what I mean…the prettiest clothing items known to man, the kind that are worn for an average of two and a half minutes (and most of that time is the walk to the bedroom). To be honest, even though I received gorgeous lingerie when I got married, and it all felt so beautiful and sexy and special, I really didn’t get it out that often.

But something happened recently that changed all that. I rearranged our closet and added organizational slots and boxes and shelves. Actually, it all looks quite nice and pretty, and I realized that I had this little bit of space on top of the sweater shelves and under our shirts that was just the right size for my lingerie box.

I’ve always kept all my lingerie in a pretty box, but it’s usually been shoved under the bed or in a dark corner of the dresser. When I saw that space in the closet, there in plain sight, I decided that I didn’t need to hide that box any longer. After all, who gets into our closet besides Logan and I? It’s not like I need to be discreet. But for some reason, I’d been unintentionally hiding all that prettiness. So I set the lingerie box on top of the shelf, took off the lid, and let all the silk and lace spill out. And honestly, it’s been great. Now I use lingerie a lot more.

This made me wonder, does lingerie actually suffer from a bad case of “out of sight, out of mind”? Is part of the reason that lingerie doesn’t matter much, or isn’t used often, just because we don’t think about it? Could it be that our husbands would like the sight of lingerie hanging in our closets? Is there a chance that this daily viewing would lend itself to a little more viewing? :)

What about you married ladies? Do you and your husband like lingerie? Do you showcase it in your closet or is it kept relatively hidden? Do you think you’d use it more if you saw it more often?

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Posted by Aanna on Thursday, June 20th, 2013

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