Living Room Before + After

I knew the moment we bought our house that I wanted to paint everything white. There’s so much natural light in the space that I knew it would look bright and happy without feeling sterile. Plus, just about everything I pin on Pinterest involves white walls, so it seemed like a pretty good bet. :) Anyway, over the holidays I finally tackled the huge chore of painting our living room and now that it’s over, I am loving the new look! Here are some pictures of the house when we first bought it, and below are a few more shots of the room.


That gray/taupy look is really beautiful, but wasn’t exactly what I wanted. After two years, it was time to make our house take on a look that was uniquely “us”.

There was wallpaper on the wall separating the living room and kitchen. When I tried to remove it I discovered another layer of wallpaper and then wood paneling. It was hard to know what the best solution was. Paint over the wallpaper? Drywall over the wallpaper? Remove the wallpaper and texture over the paneling? Shiplap the whole thing? I cried so many tears…

A good friend that instantly became our best friend recommended pulling off the paneling to see what was underneath. We found drywall!!! It wasn’t in great condition, but it felt so nice to finally be staring at something that I wanted to have on that wall. We hired someone to come repair, skim coat and texture the wall. He did an excellent job and I was THRILLED to have that project behind us.

My dear friend and neighbor Sarah helped me paint everything and finally the fun work of decorating could begin.


I love the way the white complements the heavy, detailed work of the craftsman doors and staircase. I added a little shelf beside the door to catch our keys and store some of the toys and books Valentine likes to have around. Also, do I HAVE to take down my Christmas lights???

This is what the house looks like if you’re standing at the front door. We spend the most time in this room, which Valentine calls our “talking room”.

Besides the curtains and frames, which I bought at Target, everything else was stuff I already owned. It’s amazing how just reimagining and rearranging pieces you already own can give you an entirely different look!

The artwork above the couch is a series of photographs by Andrew Payntor printed on newspaper. They were a gift from the hotel Logan and I stayed at in Chicago and I love that the artwork is both beautiful and reminds us of a happy time we spent together.

Here’s a shot of our dining room. It’s been this way for months, but now it finally matches the living room!

This is the wall that used to be covered in wallpaper/wallpaper/panelling and it is such a joy to have a smooth, white wall at last. The painting is by my aforementioned friend Sarah and the wood art is a trivet made by my uncle. Do any of you keep musical instruments in your living spaces? I’m obsessed with having music played in my home, and can think of few things that make me happier than when Valentine, Logan or a friend sits down and starts playing around on the keys.

How do you feel about all white walls? Would you do it? Do you have any upcoming projects? Any dream renovations? It can feel so satisfying to spend a lot of time waiting and saving in order to make a big change!

Posted by Aanna on Friday, January 8th, 2016

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