Love, Hanna

Several months ago I blogged about the concept of a Lean Closet, owning fewer and better clothes. Ever since then, I’ve been on a lookout for companies that embody this idea, that sell timeless pieces made with care. I’ve mentioned companies like Everlane or Cuyana (Logan likes American Giant and Patagonia), but recently I ran across a Cup of Jo post with some incredible news— Hanna Anderson had come out with a women’s line! Hanna Anderson is a company with Swedish roots that has made quality children’s clothing for decades. I remember my mother getting the catalogue in the mail when I was a child. Now, they’re bringing that same attention to detail and simple style to work on Love, Hannah, and the results are pitch perfect ::

This outfit is so effortless, but looks like it would be flattering and comfortable as well. Those mustard skinnies would be an instant favorite!

Recently I’ve begun to think more in terms of dressing for my age, and I love that these clothes are casual, comfortable and appropriate for— let’s face it— a mom, while still being very chic! 

How cute is this outfit? I must admit, I have trouble getting behind the flashy-print-pants trend, but these are fantastic. The fit is slim and the print doesn’t hurt my eyes. :)

I love that every single thing this women is wearing could be paired with so many other things in my closet. I can see how these classic pieces would be the strong building blocks of a wardrobe. 

Those oxblood mules give me chills. So beautiful! (And doesn’t her beanie just have you aching for fall?) 

What do you think? Do you like Love, Hanna? Have you ever bought anything from Hanna Anderson? Any other companies that you feel you can trust for quality and beauty? Have any of you been working toward a “Lean Closet”?

Posted by Aanna on Monday, August 25th, 2014

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