Make Art As A Community

Spiva Arts, a local art gallery, is currently hosting an extensive collection of Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post covers. They’ve recently partnered with Mike Neuenschwander of 9Art to sponsor a wonderful contest. Here’s the idea :: 

‘Teams select a Rockwell illustration to interpret, provide their own costumes and props and pose for a photo October 26. Mark Neuenschwander, 9art Photography, will photograph the reenactments and display them in Spiva’s 3rd Street window gallery. Winning image will be selected by popular vote and will receive a Norman Rockwell prize package. All teams receive one complimentary copy of their photograph.’  

Don’t you think that’s a great idea? I love that the contest will involve the whole community coming together to create art together, inspired by such a classic American artist. Also, isn’t Mark’s example photograph brilliant? He explains that he chose to leave the background image out of his modern portrayal to convey the idea that video games discourage imagination. The blankness of his subject, in contrast to Rockwell’s reader, is so provocative. 

What Rockwell image would you choose to recreate? I think it’d be fun to construct this scene, but change the soda jerk to a barista. :) It seems like the kind of scenario that totally happens these days. 

Bravo, Spiva and Mark! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Aanna on Friday, October 10th, 2014

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