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Now that I’ve told you I’m pregnant, I want to write and talk about all the things that have been swirling around in my head lately! I’m busy writing out more of our story and the things we have faced to get to this point, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share some of my favorite sources and styles for maternity clothes.

Honestly, when I first started showing and had to find new clothes, I felt so uninspired by maternity clothes. I hated the ruching, the scoop necks, the super tight styles, etc. But once I did a little digging and started experimenting with the styles I already had in my closet and knew I liked, I started to get a little more excited about dressing the baby bump. Here are some of my favorites ::

Asos Maternity

With a few exceptions, I haven’t loved the maternity styles at Target, Old Navy and Motherhood. Since these are my usual go-to places and the most affordable options, I started to lose hope until I discovered that Asos had a maternity line. This British company has so much stock, really affordable prices and fast shipping. I bought several different pieces and have loved them. (This dress is my fave!)

Vintage Skirt + Knotted Crop Top

I’ve seen this combination on any number of pregnant bloggers (I loved seeing Amanda Watters rock this look during her pregnancy a few years ago), and it’s so sweet and comfy. I like that I can use skirts and tees I already own and carry them through the pregnancy just by styling them a little differently. So far I can still squeeze into my old skirts and dresses, but I need to keep my eyes peeled for some roomier vintage skirts to carry me through all nine months.

Loose Linen Clothing

This is one of my favorite fashion trends right now and I’m so happy that these styles are so maternity friendly. Erin Hagstrom created all kinds of inspiring outfits during her pregnancy with this kind of aesthetic and I think they’d be especially wonderful during the hot summer months.

Hatch Collection

This brilliant clothing line specializes in pieces that can be worn before, during and after pregnancy. (Why hasn’t this been done before???) The price point makes these clothes totally out of reach for me, but I love browsing their lookbook and seeing the way they style their outfits. It feels so current and feminine and fresh.

Courtney Adamo

I’m convinced that Ms. Adamo is the most beautiful pregnant lady of all time, especially considering this is her fifth child! I love her boho, simple style (mainly lots of long dresses) and am also constantly inspired by her perspective on life and mothering. You can follow her on Instagram, read her blog or the articles she posts on her company’s website.


This company has made a name for itself through its quality maternity basics. Featuring only a handful of pieces, they show you that less is more and that you don’t have to fill up a closet in order to get yourself through a pregnancy looking stylish and feeling comfortable. Women style the basic black dress in all kinds of ways and I also dream of owning their new caftan.

What about you? In your opinion, what are some cute maternity styles? What are some styles you hate? :) Where did you shop during your pregnancy?

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

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