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We moved into our home about two and a half years ago, and it’s taken me this long to decorate every room in the house…except one. The last room to come under my domestic control is our TV room, which is actually a bedroom that we confiscated for our Netflix habits. We like having our TV apart from the living room and we like the coziness of the space, but it’s seriously lame in the decorating department. Thankfully, it won’t be too hard to makeover and I’m eyeing our Christmas break as a time to make some much needed changes. Here are some of my ideas ::

The TV room is the one room of the house in which the trim has not been painted white. I’ve debated painting it white to match everything else, but have finally decided to keep it as it is—there’s just something so charming and old-fashioned about dark wood trim and I want to embrace it. I like this example of white walls and dark trim and think they did a good job of mixing styles and colors and finishes. It’s eclectic without giving you a headache.

I have a major storage issue in the TV room because it’s also where we keep all of our books. After a major library purge, we have it narrowed down to our absolute favorites, and I think it’d be cool to build a shelving system that’s low and minimal like this. We could set the TV on top, still have lots of room for our books and XBOX, all without taking up too much wall space.

I want to use lots of plants in this room, especially hanging plants, in order to add visual appeal above the couch without putting up too much art. It’s not really a room where you’ll sit and look at the walls much, so I think I’d like to leave the walls pretty sparse and let nature do her thing.

That color of green is exactly the shade of mint that I’d like to use as an accent color in the room. I love how it looks with the white, with the rattan and the black. So pretty!

Besides these things, I know I’ll have a big sectional (it’s in there already) and lots of blackout shades. Have any more ideas for me? I need them!

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Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

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