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:: This week is French Women Week, and the only thing we’re talking about is skin care and lingerie, the two things that French women spend all their money on ::

I’ve mentioned before that my mother has the most beautiful skin. The last time we were together, I asked her what she’s done all these years to make it so. She started telling me about her current skin regime and other helpful things she’s done in the past, but she said that there is one product that she’s consistently used with the best results. 

Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid has been such a part of her skin care routine that anytime I smell it, I’m instantly transported to my childhood bed as my mother leans over to give me a kiss goodnight, wrapped in the light, distinctive fragrance of Olay. (Incidentally, my beautiful mother-in-law has used Olay for years as well.)

My mother said that once she started using Olay day and night, the improvement was so drastic that people would actually comment on it. Every skin care expert will tell you that moisturization is the key to healthy skin. In fact, while I was in high school I had a significant acne problem and dermatologists would tell me that the best thing I could do to combat the blemishes was to moisturize. People sometimes wrongly assume that because you have oily skin, you don’t need to moisturize. The truth is that if you have visibly oily skin, this is actually a sign that your skin is too dry and your body is overcompensating by producing too much oil.

I recently read an interview with Bianca Balti, an Italian model noted for her beautiful skin. Mositurization is so important to her that she actually spritzes her face during long plane rides! 

What about you? Do you use Olay? Any other good moisturizing tips? Do any of you have some good all-natural options? 

(Photo of Bianca Balti via Pinterest)

Posted by Aanna on Monday, June 10th, 2013

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