My Dreams for Darling

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine asked me, “What’s your dream for Darling?” My heart nearly burst with a wave of emotion as I thought about all of my hopes and dreams for this book.

I dream that a woman who feels fear, shame and confusion about sex will read this book and suddenly feel peace and comfort knowing that God made sex to be good, a giddy excitement knowing that sex is meant to be a wellspring of pleasure, and freedom from shame knowing that Jesus’ sacrifice and love for her has taken away all condemnation.

I dream that after reading this book, when Christian women get together their conversations about sex will no longer be poisoned with comparison, insecurity nor ambivalence, but instead will be a place where they can share information and encourage each other so that they can embrace and thrive in their individual situations.

I dream that older women will buy a pile of books and invite a group of younger women into their homes to read Darling together. I dream that these groups will be a safe place for women to ask questions, voice insecurities, confess sin and inspire each other to adopt God’s best plans for their bodies and relationships.

I dream that when an engaged couple goes to pre-marital counseling, that the counselor (who is usually a man) will hand Darling to the woman about to married. Nearly all Christian books about sex are written by men, and while many of them are wonderful and full of great information, hardly any are written from a woman’s perspective. I want engaged women and their fiancés to know what sex is like for a woman.

I dream that mothers will read Darling and find a clear, winsome and biblical understanding of the Christian sexual ethic. I dream that they will use this to teach their daughters from a young age what it means to know and care for their bodies, delight in God’s design of sexuality, and to see themselves without shame or fear.

I dream that Darling can help—that it can be something that helps Christians know what God thinks about sex, to see the wisdom and beauty in it, and so to reject the world’s siren song of sexuality that has led so many of us into sin, pain and self-loathing.

These are my dreams for Darling. I know that only by God’s grace will any of them come to be realized, and so I’m sending this book out as an offering to God, asking him to accomplish his own dreams for Darling. And no matter what happens with Darling, I dream that the Church seeks after sexual wholeness—each of us individually—so that we can tell a story of God’s wisdom, beauty and glory in our lives.

Posted by Aanna on Saturday, November 11th, 2017

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