My Summer Wardrobe

Whenever a new season rolls around, there are inevitably some clothing purchases I want to make. Sometimes it’s because my basics have worn out, sometimes it’s because there’s a new trend I want to try. I realized that I have formed a method for restocking my closet each season, so I thought I’d share it and the pieces that I put together this summer.

Like I said, I have developed a little method for purchasing new clothes ::

  • Basics (jeans, tees, tanks, shoes, lingerie) - I always buy new, and often have a particular brand that I’m loyal to. For example, I buy all my jeans at American Eagle, my lingerie at Victoria Secret, and my tank tops at Old Navy.
  • Trendy Pieces (off-the-shoulder top, clogs, hoop earrings) - I buy as cheaply as possible. Most of the time, this means Old Navy, but sometimes it’s just about keeping an eye open for sales wherever I go.
  • Quality Pieces (cashmere, silk, linen) - I thrift. Whenever I’m on the lookout for something special, I start haunting local thrift stores. I’ve been able to find some really beautiful pieces for next to nothing.

Here are the clothes that I bought this summer ::

Embroidered Dress

I love the embroidered dress trend, but haven’t owed one myself, so I was so happy when I found this jersey dress at a thrift store. There was some contrast stitching around the neck and hem that I took out with a seam-ripper, but otherwise I think it’s just perfect! It hits right below the knee, so I can stay pretty active even while wearing a dress. It’s been on heavy rotation this summer!


It’s taken me a couple years to get behind the idea of overalls, but when I found this pair, I fell in love. The thick material doesn’t cling to my skin, so it’s also a very cool option for hot days. One thing I really like about these overalls is that I can wear just about any tank or tee that I own with it. (Thrifted)

Cropped Tee

I thrifted this tee in San Francisco and it’s such a staple piece! It looks great with jeans, cut-offs, a pencil skirt…just about anything that has a high waist. The boxy shape creates such an interesting silhouette.

Midi Skirt

This skirt is actually a dress, but I cut off the straps and fold the top in half to create a thick waistband. This is probably my favorite new piece. The length is perfect, the print is gorgeous, and it looks especially good with a knotted tee or tank. (Thrifted)

Eyelet Shirt

Most of my tops are tees, so I like having an actual shirt to put on when I don’t want to look too casual. This pretty thing has a really nice swing shape and the white eyelet looks great with denim of any kind. (Thrifted)

T-Back Dress

I’ve had this dress for several years, but I was tired of the maxi length, so one day I just chopped off the bottom 18 inches. Ha! I’m really into the midi length right now, so it was nice to get a “new” dress just by updating an old piece. (I swear the bottom is straight—the photo just makes it look all wonky!)

Pull-on Shorts

I’ve worn cut-offs for the last 5 years, but this year I didn’t have any old jeans to chop up. I knew I wanted a pair of pull-on shorts (I really can’t resist an elastic waistband) and I found this pair at Kohl’s when I went to spend my $10-off coupon. This shorts are a miracle because they’re not too long, not too short, they’re not tight, but the leg openings aren’t too wide. Happy I found them!

Graphic Tee

I thrifted this cute t-shirt when I went back to Iowa to visit my parents a few months ago. I don’t usually wear graphic tees, but I just love this design and the fact that it heralds my home state.

Striped Skirt

This was kind of a risky purchase for me, because it was a length and design that I don’t usually wear, but this summer I’ve been wearing it all the time! It’s flattering and cute, but still fits with my tomboyish wardrobe. (Thrifted)

Off-Shoulder Shirt

I knew I wanted to get an off-the-shoulder shirt this summer and this was one of only a few purchases that wasn’t thrifted. I found this minimal style at Old Navy for a steal and I’ve worn it basically every single time Logan and I have gone on a date. I love it so much!!!


One of my aunts had a pair of rubber sandals that she wore for the better part of the 90s and I couldn’t get them out of my mind. But when I asked her about them, she said that she had bought them in the Philippines and hadn’t seen a pair since! Disappointed, I started looking for something else, but then I started seeing college students wearing sandals that looked just like my aunt’s old pair! In the last year they’ve started showing up more and more and I was able to buy a pair for $12 on Amazon. They’re not superior craftsmanship by any means, but I love them and wear them anywhere—to church, on dates, and out to the garden.

One Piece Swimsuit

I’ve had my eye on this black one-piece from Land’s End all winter and waited for a sale to snatch it up. It’s everything I dreamed it would be—simple, modest, tugless (seriously, I never have to mess with it while I’m swimming), flattering and timeless. One aspect of its great design is that the soft cups are sown in, so they stay in place and keep me feeling confident even when the water is ice cold. :)

All together, I spent a little over $100 on everything pictured, which is pretty remarkable. The two ways I was able to save so much money was by thoughtfully considering what I wanted to buy and then waiting for sales, and thrifting. (I highly recommend thrifting if you’re looking for some one-of-a-kind pieces to update your wardrobe.) It was so fun to find items that I really love and that were so, so cheap!

What about you? What stores do you like to shop at? Do you thrift? Why or why not? Do you have any favorite purchases from this summer! What trends are you into right now?

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

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