Newborn Essentials Part 2

Now that Llewelyn is almost six weeks old (how in the heck did that happen?), we’re starting to get into a rhythm during this hazy newborn phase. The funny thing is, we’re finding out just how different babies can be! What worked for Valentine doesn’t always work for Llewelyn, and even though I’m more confident as a mother, I’m still very much in learning mode with this new little one. Already there are a few products that have been life-savers for us that we never even used (or they weren’t available) when Valentine was a baby. Because of that, I thought I’d continue this post and list some more of what I’d consider new baby essentials ::


We used swaddling blankets with Valentine, but now that we own a Woombie, it’s hard to imagine anything else! A friend of mine loaned me her newborn-sized Woombie, which is a soft and very stretchy zip-up wrap for babies. It acts like a swaddling blanket, but seems to be a bit more comfortable for the baby and much more convenient for the parent (it zips up in seconds!). It also stays in place better than a swaddling blanket, so I have found that Llewelyn sleeps much better in it because there’s not a chance that one of her wiggly arms comes loose. She sleeps in it every night and the only reason I don’t use it during the day is because she sleeps so well in it, I don’t want her sleeping too soundly in case she stays up all night!


I’m a devoted user of cloth nursing pads (the disposable kinds gross me out) and the Bamboobies are by far my favorite. They are both the softest and the thinnest pads I’ve found, but still just as absorbent (although I recommend the overnight version during the first few months when you’re leaking all the time!).


Both Logan and I purchased PopSockets, which make holding an iPhone one-handed much easier! Because we often have a baby in our arms now, it’s kind of scary to think of accidentally dropping the phone on Llewelyn’s head. The PopSocket keeps the phone securely in one hand and makes reading on our phones during the long hours of the night much easier!


Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, flame-retardant and washable, sheepskin is the perfect place to lay your baby. I lay Llewelyn down on sheepskin when she sleeps, when I change her diaper, and when she just wants to look around and kick her legs. She actually sleeps better on the sheepskin than on any other surface, which I attribute to how soft and padded it feels. There’s something about the texture of it that also keeps her securely in place, at least for now! I carry one around with me wherever I am in the house.

Other baby items that look useful to me :: leather changing pad, cool slippy cup, play gym.

What about you? Any other new baby essentials you’d add to this list?

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

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