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Have you heard about Noonday Collection? I recently attended a Noonday Trunkshow and got to hear all about this fantastic little company and try on their beautiful jewelry. The company helps to “create pathways out of poverty for the vulnerable” by purchasing the handcrafted goods of women in difficult circumstances and selling them here in the US. There are a couple of things that I really love about Noonday :: it’s a small company that maintains personal connections with all their vendors, and the goods they’re selling are actually well-crafted and beautiful. You can check out more of their story here, but honestly, the products speak for themselves. I can’t imagine a woman who couldn’t find something she liked from Noonday. It’s a fantastic place to find Christmas and birthday presents for the lovely women in your life and I’m definitely going to be circling a few items in the catalogue for myself!

Bukenya Fringe Necklace {Uganda} What a show stopper. I’ve not been much for statement pieces in the past, but as soon as I saw this pretty yellow thing, I fell in love. I’m thinking it would be so great with a chambray shirt buttoned all the way to the top.

Gatsy Necklace {India} This necklace is unbearable cool. You could pair it with anything from a gray t-shirt to a sultry black dress. 

Tasseled Bullet Bracelets {Ethiopia} You guys! This bracelet is made out of bullets and artillery that farmers have to weed from their war-torn land. The metaphor here is just so beautiful I could cry.

La Noche Bracelet {Guatemala} So elegant. This is bling without even a hint of gaudiness. 

Chevron Dangle Earrings {Nepal} This pair have a bit of a price tag, but that doesn’t stop me from liking them. :) Dangly without being overly girly, polished without being stodgy, they are the epitome of style.

Cozy Zip Wrap {Peru} Just when you thought you couldn’t see one more scarf without barfing, this little guy comes along and totally changes everything. Cute and comfy, with a bit of the unexpected, it would be an instant favorite.

Dots Tea Towel {India} How cute and cheery is this towel? You could decorate an entire kitchen inspired by these pops of color.

So what did you think? I think the mission of Noonday is so inspiring! Did you see anything you liked? Had you ever heard of Noonday? 

Posted by Aanna on Monday, November 18th, 2013

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