Obsession :: Sheepskin

My new obsession is sheepskin. Basically, I want to spend all my money on sheepskin rugs and throw them all over the house. Whenever I’m sitting in a chair, I’m like, “This would be so much better with a sheepskin”. Then when I’m lying in bed, I think, “I wish I could throw my feet over the side of the bed and land in soft, cozy sheepskin”. Since Ikea sells a faux sheepskin for a mere $9.99, this obsession is kind of dangerously plausible, but I’ve made a personal vow to stop myself at two. 

There are so many wonderful ways to use sheepskin. Here are my favorites ::

Sheepskin is a lovely way to cover a vintage chair. Many times, a favorite thrifting prize can have great bones but a little too many stains or scuffs for your comfort. Here comes the handy sheepskin to cover it and make it instantly glamorous and luxurious.

Sitting on sheepskin is much the way I imagine floating on a cloud would be. Draped over an office chair, the sheepskin can turn hours in front of the computer into moments of bliss. 

When I was a baby, I had a sheepskin rug in the middle of my bedroom floor, and I knew I would want one for my children one day. Sometimes Valentine catches sight of it from across the room, crawls as fast as her little knees can take her, and buries her face in the fluffy fur. It’s such a fun spot to lounge and read books and snuggle.

What about you? Would you get a sheepskin? How would you use it? What is your design obsession these days? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!

(Top photo from Style by Emily Henderson)

Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

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