Old Movie Stars

Logan and I absolutely love old movies. I started looking for fun images of old movie stars in order to put some personalized artwork on the walls and happened upon some really fabulous pictures. I thought I’d share a couple photos of these iconic men and women, as well as my favorite movies that they appear in ::

Audrey Hepburn being adorable, as always. Whatever she’s doing in this picture, I’m sure she’s making the party more funny and classy. 

My favorite Audrey film :: Sabrina (can you even believe I’m not saying Roman Holiday?)  

Sometimes I think the only reason that God created Brad Pitt was because Robert Redford was aging and God needed to fill the beauty vacuum that was being created in the universe. 

My favorite Robert film :: The Clearing and Sneakers (I really, really couldn’t choose.)

The epitome of cool, Cary Grant in North by Northwest. This was one of the first Hitchcock films Logan and I ever watched together. Le sigh… 

My favorite Cary film :: The Philadephia Story

Katharine Hepburn was such a tomboy. We recently watched The African Queen and I was amazed at her old, wiry body swimming in the dark water and sweating in the hot sun. She’s unbreakable. 

My favorite Katharine film :: The Philadephia Story

Yowza. Marlene Dietrich, you are insane. Look at those shoes! Those legs! That hair! In Witness for the Prosecution, I thought her intensity would burn through the television screen. How did she hold all that passion in such a small body?

My favorite Marlene film :: Witness for the Prosecution

Can you believe this is John Wayne? Growing up, I watched a million cowboy movies, so his face is so familiar to me, but not like this! 

My favorite John movie :: The Cowboys

Jimmy Stewart’s iconic portrayal of George Bailey has forever changed my life. It’s like I love him…in my heart. 

My favorite Jimmy film :: It’s A Wonderful Life

Joan Fontaine was the only actor to ever receive an Oscar for a Hitchcock film! It’s so shocking. 

My favorite Joan film :: Rebecca

Gregory Peck is so young here, you can hardly even see Atticus Finch in that face. 

My favorite Gregory film :: To Kill A Mockingbird

Ok, so now it’s your turn! Who are your favorite old actors? What are your favorite films that they’ve been in? Any old movie recommendations? Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

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