Ornate Headboards

There’s something so luxurious about a big, ornate headboard. It speaks to an afternoon of reading, breakfast in bed, and a protective shadow as you float off to sleep. We spent years without a real bed and I adore the simple, serene look of a mattress on the floor, but sometimes, when I lean up against my headboard, I have this feeling like, “Well, now you’re settled.” I know it’s silly..it’s just a bed, but I can’t help loving it! Here are some of my favorites :: 

If a genie granted me one wish and he said I had to use it to wish for a headboard, I’d wish for this one. So tall! So romantic yet dignified! And just the perfect shade of camel. 

Joanna Goddard’s tufted headboard looks comfortable and chic, and there’s actually a tutorial for this DIY project if you’re brave enough to make one for yourself.

*Sigh*. Have you ever seen anything so lovely? This bed is actually in a condo, but it looks like something fit for a queen.

What a rad idea for an unconventional headboard. It’d be so easy to pull off and such a bold statement. 

Possibly the most stunning headboard of all time, this reclaimed slab of California Redwood costs over $10,000.

What about you? Do you like ornate headboards? Which one is your favorite? Would you go for bold or comfortable?

(Photo of striped headboard from Lark & Linen)

Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

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