Our Daily Gospel

Recently, Logan was at a SuperStart conference and stopped one of the directors to thank him for the program, especially a clear explanation of the Gospel at the beginning. The director responded by saying that it was nice to hear that, because every year one of the common comments from youth ministers on the evaluation forms is something to the effect of, “You give the same Gospel presentation every year. Our kids have already heard it. Please do something else.”

I think I know what they mean. I assume they are looking for topics of a more discipling nature. Or perhaps they wish CIY would address one of the numerous  issues that plague children these days. But if not the Gospel, then what? Isn’t it the truth of the Gospel that leads us to want to become disciples, to integrate Jesus into every fiber of our being? Isn’t it the Gospel that is the answer to every problem man, woman or child will ever face? Doesn’t the Gospel have relevance, not only once a year, but every day of our lives?

Yesterday I listened to a sermon by James Sharp that reminded me once again of the preeminent importance of the Gospel. It had an profound effect upon me, and I couldn’t help wanting to share it. Hope you get a chance to listen to it. 

Love you, dear friends. Have a great weekend!

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Posted by Aanna on Friday, February 28th, 2014

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