Pretty Baby Clothes

It always feels a little strange that I don’t have very many photos of me and the girls since we spend almost every waking moment together. So last Saturday I asked Logan to snap some pictures of Llewelyn and me, hoping to remember this time of life and to be able to show her one day what it was like to be her mother when she was a baby.

Llewelyn is so adorable right now. You know when babies are so cute that even their sneezes and coughs are cute? It’s incredible. I can’t stop kissing her squishy cheeks and running my finger across the soft skin of her arms. And she smells amazing—a spicy, sweet smell right behind her ears. If Target could candle-ize that smell they’d triple their quarterly earnings.

That adorable romper she’s wearing is from First & Cedar, an Etsy shop run by a knitter and first-time mother from Washington D.C. When I was pregnant with Llewelyn, I would just pour over the clothing of companies like Misha & Puff or Mabo, but there was no earthly way I could afford such gorgeous, hand-crafted pieces. But then Megan from First & Cedar contacted me and asked if I wanted to work together with her on a few custom pieces for my baby. It was so much fun to think up ideas and I finally settled on baby bonnets in the prettiest color palette of blush, white and navy.

When the finished products arrived in the mail, I couldn’t believe how beautiful, soft and well-made all the items were. And then I unwrapped that beautiful romper! In my opinion, it’s baby girl perfection and I’ve been dreaming of seeing Llewelyn in it ever since.

The knits are so perfect for these weird fall days when it’s cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, but still chilly in the shade. I put the bonnets on her when we take walks after school every day and I love the way the romper can go over short-sleeved onesies or can be paired with long-sleeves and leg-warmers for colder days. Also, I can just throw everything in the washer, which is such a life-saver since it feels like my whole life is covered in spit-up these days!

It was kind of a dream come true to have such pretty clothes for my baby and I feel so lucky to have been able to work with Megan on this collaboration. There are other beautiful knits in her shop, so check it out if you’re on the lookout for Christmas presents or some heirloom pieces for your children. Also, First & Cedar is offering Free Shipping to all readers using the code AANNAGREER at the checkout.

Thanks so much, Megan!

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

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