Pretty Holiday Clothes

The other day I went to the LOFT website to look for a Christmas gift for my mother and I could not believe my eyes! Everything was so beautiful and chic, with unexpectedly modern styling. The prices weren’t half bad, either, and they throw around $25 OFF coupons like confetti. Here are some of the pieces that stood out to me ::

The earthy color of this skirt ground its mod, clean lines, and I just love those pockets!

I love how soft and relaxed the chambray is on this shirt, but also the pretty details of the bow and cuffed sleeves. I think I’d find myself gravitating toward this shirt whether I had to look business casual or was going on a date.

The glory of this grandpa cardigan lies in that magnificent color. It’s the kind of sweater I could see myself wearing about every day, but the tailored lines and the interesting color would keep it from looking frumpy.

Ooo, this sweater dress is perfection. Soft and thin and flattering without hugging those curves too tightly. What a great staple.

Effortlessly cool, this jumpsuit is the way to win friends and influence people. :)

Who doesn’t love a new pair of pajamas at Christmastime? And the gingham is so cute!

LOFT makes use of neutrals so well, often pairing them with something bright and bold. Also, I want to snuggle that pom pom.

This necklace is so sophisticated and would make even a t-shirt glamorous.

I think this look sums up everything I like about LOFT right now. That dress is such a timeless piece, but with some really intentional styling (moto boots and socks?!) it looks energetic, fun and current.

Today you can get 50% off all sale styles (I bought these $80 jeans for $10!!!) and they also have some well curated gift guides that might come in handy over the holidays.

What do you think? Do you like LOFT’s new look? What items do you like? Do you change how you dress over the holidays? Buy a special dress? Wait for the after-Christmas-sales?

Posted by Aanna on Friday, November 20th, 2015

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