Psalm 1 :: A Paraphrase

Do you want to see a happy person?
You won’t find her reading blogs by people who hate God,
or partying with friends who love to lose themselves to their impulses,
or joining in the chorus of cynicism, sarcasm and rebellious independence.

You’ll find her pouring over the Bible,
unable to stop thinking about the beautiful and good things she finds there.

I once saw a poinsettia bush in the wild, growing by a cool, bubbling stream.
It was ten feet tall, gloriously red, cooling me in its shade.
All the poinsettias I’d seen before were in small, plastic pots,
bought at Christmastime and withering by New Year’s.

A delighter is like the wild poinsettia,
a cynic is like the dying one.

You must realize what this means!

Someone who hates God can’t learn the ways of God,
she can’t lose herself in the pleasurable presence of God,
she could never get comfortable in heaven.

But God can’t stop staring at the woman who has chosen him.
They lock eyes and lose themselves in eternal happiness.

(Photo by Debbie Carlos)

Posted by Aanna on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

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