Quilt Inspiration

I have been so inspired by quilts recently, and love the artwork that modern quilters are offering. Here are some of my favorites ::

It had never occurred to me to make a basic plaid with a quilt, but this pattern sure delivers! Custom made by Crafty Blossoms.

This hand quilted piece by Maverick Stars looks likes bursts of starlight, and I can’t help thinking of the creativity behind the making of it.

The wall banners by the talented Jenna Valoe are gorgeous. Truly works of art. I’m also amazed at how affordable they are!

This Ace & Jig blanket is pure fun and would look incredible on the living room couch. Your friends would snuggle up and never leave.

How ingenious is this quilt by Cassandra Ellis? Cut up a vintage sheet and then quilt it in strips! It’s at once retro and modern, and so, so beautiful.

This classic pattern is called “Log Cabin” and the woman behind Secret Holiday & Co. has been posting so many pictures of insanely gorgeous log cabin quilts from her quilting workshop. I love how she takes a classic pattern and mixes it with the most delightful colors. I honestly think this is my favorite of the bunch!

What about you? Do you like quilts? Do you find them inspiring, too? Which is your favorite?

Posted by Aanna on Friday, June 12th, 2015

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