Reading Aloud

Do you like road trips? As a child, my parents would wake up hours before dawn, carry us all to the car in the chilly air, and begin the twelve hour trip to Texas. I remember feeling so snug beneath the blankets, nestled against my sisters, and I would watch the telephone wires rise and dip as we rushed along.

Years later, when Logan and I were dating, we took many trips together to visit our two families and I loved all the hours we had to just sit and talk. It felt like I got to know Logan on those trips as we’d rack our brains to think of any and every question to ask each other. 

But one of my very favorite things about road trips is reading aloud. Logan and I started doing this with each other the year we got married and we always do it now, even if it’s only for a part of the trip. One of us drives, the other reads. Of course, we could always get the audio book, but there’s something so intimate and bonding about reading it to each other. Plus, Logan is amazing at doing the voices. :)

We’ve actually found that young adult books are the best for road trips. The pace is just right, you don’t have to plod through long passages of description, and you might be able to finish it before you return home. We especially love the Harry Potter series. But books for kids aren’t the only fun ones. Some other favorites are Odd Thomas and Lonesome Dove.

What about you? Do you like to read aloud? Who do you read with? What about road trips? How do you like to pass the time?

Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

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