I started blogging a few months ago and I had no idea how much fun I’d have with it. I love collecting things I’ve learned or seen and putting together posts. I kind of figured it would be a good creative outlet, but something else has happened that has become my favorite part of this whole endeavor.

As soon as I present an idea or tip or something, I hear back from so many of you, giving me your own perspective or tweaked ideas or even better solutions.

  • I posted a green smoothie recipe, but then found out from Lisa that they taste even better with blueberries.
  • I wrote about ovulation charts, but then Jennifer and Brittiany noted that the calender method is not complete and that Taking Charge of Your Fertility has a more comprehensive system.
  • I wrote about how hard it was when my daughter was sick, and I was suddenly surrounded by so many other moms giving me true empathy and insight.

Throughout history, women have gathered in their communities…at quilting bees, the town water well , or in the drawing room…to share with each other. They share their experiences and what they’ve learned, they pass down knowledge about their bodies and their relationships and how to expertly execute their responsibilities. But sometimes I feel like there’s not a clear time and place for us to do this in our culture. I certainly seek out help—I place hurried calls to my sister-in-law when Valentine has a rash, to my sister when I am having friend problems, to my mom when my water breaks. But the community of women is so much bigger than that. And my favorite part about this blog is that I feel like I’ve gotten a small taste of the vast amount of knowledge that women carry around with them.

At the end of almost every blog post, I ask for your advice and your input. It’s because I desperately want it. Thanks so much for your comments, both online and in person. I’ve benefitted so much by the wisdom of the women in my life.  The word “sharing” seems trite and something for Sesame Street, but that’s kind of what I love about having female friends. I love the sharing that takes place. I love when it happens in living rooms and coffee shops, but I also love when it happens on Facebook or Pinterest and on this blog.

So, thanks for sharing.

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Posted by Aanna on Monday, April 29th, 2013

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