Simple Winter Coats

I’m on a crusade for a new winter coat. I already have a trench for dressy occasions and a Northface snowcoat of the marshmallow variety, but I need an everyday coat. Something warm but not too warm, cute but not too cute, and flattering but not too…uncomfortable. :) Here are some of the coats that have turned my head ::

Initially, this is the kind of coat I was looking for. So simple, so chic, so plain. It could be layered over winter sweaters, but isn’t bulky and looks good with just about anything. For me, the ideal version of this coat would be in a soft camel color, but I love this marled gray, too.

J. Crew has been selling this coat for a couple years and it’s just perfection. I love the length, which is kind of rare these days, and wouldn’t overwhelm a short woman like myself. The hood and that cheery red are both excellent details.

A denim jacket is as classic as it gets. Now that denim on denim is acceptable, you wouldn’t be afraid to wear this with your everyday jeans + t-shirt. For a trendy take on the jacket, wear an oversized version like this one.

Toggle coats. Le sigh. Don’t you just want to pull on a toboggan and go swab the poop deck? Which reminds me, I’ve been waiting to watch this movie for months!

The pea coat is timeless, as evidenced by this vintage beauty. I love that warm, nutty color of wool and doesn’t it look so soft?

This coat is unbelievably thin and light, yet would keep you warm during the blusteriest of winter days. REI is hosting an incredible sale this weekend, which makes these expensive Patagonia coats within arms reach.

What about you? What’s your favorite winter coat? Are you shopping for a new one? What kind of coat makes your heart go pitter patter?

(Top photo via GlamRadar)

Posted by Aanna on Friday, September 4th, 2015

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