Spring Favorites for Valentine

It’s amazing how quickly babies grow out of their clothes and each new season I’m scurrying to find more clothes for Valentine. Thankfully, I have a very generous mother and a couple fantastic sources of hand-me-downs, but sometimes I still need to fill in the gaps of her layette. I find it helpful and enjoyable to make a game plan for her wardrobe each new season. It seems that if I have a strict color palette and rely heavily on basics, a little can go a long way. (For example, this past winter Valentine wore navy, coral, and gray almost every day and everything could be mixed and matched based on the laundry basket situation. :) This summer, I’m thinking chambray, mustard, and gray, with pops of red ::

Shirtless overalls on babies make me feel all melty inside and I love this sweet pair from H&M. Also, I’ve been eagerly waiting for the day when V and I can have matching Saltwater Sandals! I’ve found some on Ebay for a fraction of the cost and can’t wait to see her pudgy toes wiggling in her own pair.

Bubble shorts have that rare ability to look great on both kids of the chubby and the lanky variety. Also, I think those Burts Bees camis may be her uniform this summer!

V had several pairs of these sweats when she was a newborn that we cycled through at an alarming rate, so I was happy to see them come in larger sizes. Also, how cute and clever is that “I love you” graphic tee?

Polka dots will be my undoing. Sometimes I leave the house with Valentine and realize she’s wearing polka dot pants with a polka dot coat while riding in a polka dot stroller. I just can’t seem to get tired of them. (Shirt via H&M and the shorts were from Penneys, but seem to be out of stock last I checked.)

I’m so glad peasant tops are back. So flowy and feminine and cool. This dress is utterly gorgeous and I can totally see hanging it on the wall for decoration once she outgrows it. (Dress is out of stock, but you can find a similar dress here.)

The truth is, I’m going to take my color palette and all these ideas and see what I can find at the Rhea Lana’s consignment fair in a couple weeks. Rhea Lana’s is so big that I almost always find exactly what I’m looking for and spend a grand total of $20 for the whole shebang. But like I mentioned earlier, I need a game plan before entering the disorienting variety that is consignment sales and thrift stores. 

What about you? What are your best tips for clothing your kids in a cute and cheap way? Any fun kids clothes you’re swooning over these days? 

(Top image of Valentine last spring in a vintage outfit from Logan’s mother.)

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

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