Summer Wishlist

This past weekend we went up to Iowa to celebrate the graduations of my two sisters. We spent lots of time outside eating watermelon, riding on the four-wheeler and trekking through the fields around my childhood home. I snapped the above picture of my brother Gavin in the swimming hole that we frequented as children. Growing up, summer was such a care-free time full of play, exploration and the kind of bliss that only a child can really understand. Already I’m looking forward to experiencing this coming summer with Valentine. There’s a sense in which raising a child is like discovering the world for the first time all over again. I can’t wait to watch her slurp up a popsicle, ride a bike, learn how to swim, hold an earthworm for the first time. I’ve cleared my schedule to make room for lazy mornings in the backyard with Valentine and long evenings on the porch with Logan.

Here are some other things that make me excited about summer ::

Birkenstocks are all the rage this summer, but this version stopped me in my tracks. I love the low-profile and the simple, minimalist look of that matte-black. Also, they’re plastic, so they’d be perfect for the pool or rainy days when you still have to run errands. (Bonus :: they’re only $30!)

Sometimes I get those coupons in the mail for a free pair of panties from Victoria Secret. When I brought home this pair of All-Over Lace Panties I could not believe how soft, comfy and beautiful they were! Victoria Secret undies have always worked well for me. They fit great, look great, and last forever, so I’m going to stock up on this style next time I need new panties.

Birdwell Beach Britches have been the go-to pair of surf shorts since the 60s, but only recently have they come out with a women’s style. Even though these are really pricy, I’m seriously considering a pair. Like I mentioned before, I’d like to teach Valentine to swim this summer, and I want to be active in the water without worrying if my bottom is hanging out. Plus, they’re super cute and flattering, so I wouldn’t feel frumpy while still staying covered.

Spanish farmers have been wearing these traditional leather avarcas for over a century, but recently a couple found a way to bring them to the US. I’m so intrigued by these simple shoes that are still handmade in Spain by a family that’s been producing them for generations. If my Saltwaters ever wear out, these will be my next purchase.

I’m obsessed with all the dresses in Adelaide’s shop right now, but this lacy 70s maxi is the cream of the crop. Although my clothes are as tomboyish as ever, I find myself gravitating towards more feminine dresses and tops these days. I’ve always thought that girl clothes are so much better in the summer than boy clothes…it may be time for me to let down my hair and throw on a dress more often. :)

What about you? What are you looking forward to about this summer? Any wardrobe updates? What do you think is pretty to wear in the summer?

Posted by Aanna on Friday, May 15th, 2015

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