Thoughts from the Eye of a Storm

As many of you know, The Bridge Ministries closed its doors about a month ago and so Logan is looking for another job. The past month has been an onslaught of hard decisions, heart searching, prayer, long talks, job interviews, and waiting. Like any transition, it hasn’t been easy, and we still don’t know what our future holds.

I keep thinking about when Jesus’ disciples were caught in a storm with Jesus asleep in the bow of the boat. Even though they were experts at sailing, it was a furious storm, and they realized suddenly that they were in danger of losing their lives. Terrified, they woke Jesus, their last resort.

Jesus stood up, said something, and suddenly the storm was gone. Just like that.

I’ve been thinking about how the disciples must have felt. Maybe not that night, but later. Once they knew Jesus better, I wonder if they thought back on that night and felt stupid, thinking of themselves so afraid when Jesus—Jesus—-was in the boat with them.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been through something difficult, but I catch myself acting like it is. I feel afraid and anxious and I worry, even though every other time Jesus has calmed the storm, kept me safe, revealed some beautiful new aspect of his power and love. But I don’t want to look back on this time and realize how silly I was for feeling this way. Because the truth is that Jesus is in the boat with me. His presence pervades my mind anytime I give him the time of day. Based on all the evidence, both in Scripture and in my personal experience, God will generously care for us, find us a perfect fit, transform our hearts into something that resembles his just a little bit more.

There’s an old blessing that I find myself praying for myself and Logan these days ::

May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you,
wherever he may send you.
May he guide you through the wilderness,
protect you through the storm.
May He bring you home rejoicing 
at the wonders He has shown you.
May He bring you home rejoicing 
once again into our doors.

(Image of Rembrandt’s Storm on the Sea of Galilee)

Posted by Aanna on Monday, June 24th, 2013

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