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We’re in Chicago this week, visiting Logan’s brother, sister-in-law and their three kids. They’ve planned all kinds of fun things for us to do in the city, have muffins and homemade iced coffee waiting for us in the morning, and take us on pleasant walks through their charming neighborhood. We love them so much and have been looking forward to this trip for months. :)

As I was packing last week, I realized that there’s one thing I always bring with me on a trip: a blanket! Years ago I managed to snatch a thin fleece throw blanket that has earned its place in my duffel time and time again. One of my least favorite things in the universe is to be cold at night and even in the most arctic of hotels I can wrap myself in the fleece and feel cozy in a matter of minutes. Also, in comes in handy in the car, when I can use it to cover up or I can roll it up and use it as a makeshift pillow. The thin fleece is perfect because even though it provides a lot of warmth, it takes up less space than a pair of jeans.

What about you? What item do you always take with you on a trip? Anyone else always bring a blanket? Do you have any fun trips coming up?

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Posted by Aanna on Friday, August 7th, 2015

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