Valentine Quotes

As a baby, Valentine was such a quiet, contented little thing that I actually had to encourage her to express her wants and needs. That is no longer the case. :) We are having so much fun witnessing her personality blossom and are constantly laughing or gasping at the things that come out of her mouth. Here are some of our recent favorites ::

Pointing at a picture of Logan and me, “Hey, Mom! Remember you’re married?”
Nap-time rolls around. “I don’t want to sleep. Sleep is getting bad news in my heart.”
Pausing while telling a story to her grandmother, “You’re not listening with your eyes!”
“Mom, can you sing me a song?”
“No, I already sang you a song.
“Then can you sing me two songs?”
Valentine gets mad and throws something for the third time in an hour. Like every other time, I stand up, pick her up, but as I get ready to discipline her she yells, “Nevermind!”
Valentine to babysitter: You can’t win.
Babysitter: Why not?
Valentine: Because you’re a woman…
*babysitter gasps*
Valentine:…only dinosaurs can win.
While picking plumbs together, “We’re having a good adventure.”
Valentine: Why did you come downstairs?
Me: Because I wanted to read the Bible and pray before anything else happened.
V: But something else happened.
Me: What?
V: Me.
Valentine catches Logan’s eye during dinner and says, “You’re a good man.”

I just love her! What are some funny or cute things the kids in your life have said recently?

Posted by Aanna on Friday, July 10th, 2015

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