Valentine's 1st Birthday

Valentine turned 1 on May 31st and we had such a fun time celebrating her first year. The week before we had visited my parents in Iowa and they threw her an early party complete with a mini-Bundt cake and lots of new (and needed) summer clothes. The week of her actual birthday, Logan’s parents drove down from Memphis for the occasion. It was fun to have someone else in the house as enthusiastically focused on Valentine as we were. :)

We decorated for the party with things from Valentine’s bedroom. I wanted it to feel very “Valentine” and also didn’t want to spend a lot of time, energy or money on decorations.

This picture is really emotional to me, because we decided to only invite our family and closest friends. And there’s so many of them they couldn’t even all fit in the living room. My cup runneth over…

Madison and Hadley, two amazing women who volunteered at The Bridge for the past several years, have always been so sweet to Valentine and it was fun to have them with us.

Gracie was absolutely adorable in that neon floral dress and one of her mom’s signature handmade headbands.

Valentine got a few herself, which I’m so excited about, because she’s been mistaken for a boy about a zillion times in the past month. (It probably doesn’t help that I’m always dressing her in blue to match her eyes. :)

Don’t you love all the boys sitting there so sweetly? I hadn’t realized until the party how many of our friends’ kids were boys, and they can wrestle and roughhouse with the best of them, but when it was present time they were so polite and interested.

I was kind of worried that the party might not actually be all that fun for Valentine. Parents always talk about how big parties can intimidate the little one-year-olds…but Valentine loved every minute of it. She loved watching everyone talk and laugh, and when she started opening presents she got so curious and examined each gift like it was especially wonderful. Everyone was so generous and gave her the coolest presents. She has already gotten so much use out of them!

Suzanne brought Muddy’s cupcakes from Memphis. Actually, I had asked her to bring a wheat-germ muffin from Muddy’s (which she did bring), but once I saw this gorgeous Strawberry Lemonade offering, I felt like it’d be cruel to give Valentine anything else. :)

It was a big hit.

She started making this hilarious face at the people watching her (specifically her Popsy). I couldn’t stop laughing.

I had fun planning snacks for everyone else. Suzanne helped me with the menu and we served Sugar Cookie Squares, jigglers (the taste of a jigglier is like the taste of childhood), veggies, potato chips, and PB&J squares. The pom-poms and the banner across the window were from Valentine’s baby shower in Texas. I think I might just bring them back every year.

Valentine got this adorable magnet board from Scott and Suz for her birthday and so I borrowed a clever Pinterest idea and made a “1” out of some of her weekly pictures from the past year.  

Someone once told me that there’s a special place in your heart for the people who genuinely like and love your kids. I am consistently amazed at the outpouring of love from our family and friends for Valentine. Thank you so much for loving her, for babysitting, for being interested in her, for praying for her. We love this daughter of God and are so thankful that we get to raise her with your lavish love and support.

Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

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